West Harbor Intelligence Incorporated (WHI) is a full-service investigation company, providing support for costly issues that companies face in the current environment.  

We provide corporate support services for incidents, investigations, resource issues, and more. Specializing in Workers’ Compensation investigations, Threat Management, violence in the workplace, Human Resource investigations, background checks, social media footprint research – we can handle it all – while providing professional services from incident to resolution.


We also provide a full suite of solutions for specialty services, including security teams, escorts, transports for court appearances, risk/travel audits, and Safe-Travel itinerary reviews.

Every client faces their own unique set of issues – at WHI, we are capable and ready to assist in resolving yours today with discretion and confidentiality.


Workers’ Compensation / General Liability Insurance Investigations

Specializing in all types of insurance investigations in the State of California.

We go above and beyond the status quo to offer a comprehensive suite of support options to help vet claims and ensure that your interests are protected. 

With support services including fraud investigations, fraud filings, testimony, statements, background checks, independent & team surveillance, records research, and social media audits – we are confident we can thoroughly investigate and report the facts.

Threat Management & Workplace Violence

De-escalation through proactive solutions in a reactive world.

Including a complete detailed threat assessment, rapid response plan, protection services (when warranted) during times of increased threat, in anticipation to, and during highly volatile scenarios; whether they relate to internal or external threats – we are here to help.  

Human Resources Investigations

Providing a good faith investigation using objective solutions in subjective issues.

In some cases, you may want a completely impartial team to conduct interviews, document statements, and collect information needed for objective review – we can step in and offer a completely neutral baseline to help restore your operation.

Specialty Risk

For issues that require immediate attention in the workplace.

We know that unsolved issues become problems, and unaddressed problems become nightmares. Our team can be there to support, guide, assist, and educate you utilizing a network of professionals to resolve your issues.




There’s a whole lot more to the story…

A list just doesn’t do it justice – our combined history of solving problems for our clients has covered so much ground – if you have an issue that you want us to review – please complete our contact form, and one of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.  

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